<-- if you find the framerate is way too fast, try this version (sorry!)

arrow keys to move, up arrow or Z to jump, space or numbers (1-5) to cast spells

press DELETE to respawn to last checkpoint. 

press SHIFT+R to restart the game (WARNING: this will reset all progress!!)

Made for Game Jolt's Glitch Jam 2014 (Make your own Glitch Dungeon!!!)
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Updated 16 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(119 total ratings)
Tagschallenge, dungeon, glitch, spells, witch
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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I have two spells but no idea how to use them. Pressing 1-5, space or Num 1-5 does nothing. Also, I can put on a hat with H but no idea what that's for either. I tried it on another browser but go the same result.

Ah, okay. Here's the problem. You didn't mention the need to get a Grimoire for spells and that there is no key for the locked doors.

uhhh browser vers doesn't have a fps cap

interesting... new speedrunning strat

it does on, I am going to investigate why there is a difference lol


(Hears RoccoW's music right away)

You have some good tate! (-v-)b

Fun stuff! Surprisingly deep level design, especially towards the end.


i like the sprite graphics quite a lot

thanks! :-)


nice game



Lovely concept but I'm not a huge fan of the reliance on precision movement / mario spikeyness as the main UI.


thanks! yeah it's a bit harsh of a precise control platformer. I'm trying to lax up with the sequel i'm making


What =̵̜͉̌̈̑̐͋͆̽̌͝n absolutely amazing game! I =̵̜͉̌̈̑̐͋͆̽̌͝/̷̛̛̛́̈́̈̐̈́̑̌͊̏͗́̈͐̃͗̂͛̂̂́͒̔́̿̍̓̏̐̈́̒͘̕͝͝͠  eally enjo/̷̛̛̛́̈́̈̐̈́̑̌͊̏͗́̈͐̃͗̂͛̂̂́͒̔́̿̍̓̏̐̈́̒͘̕͝͝͠ed the experience!

whats that%?? youre breaking up..

thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Wish I could rate 5 stars twice. I love the art concept and gameplay was pretty fun!

Thank you!! I am glad you liked it so!


Hey this kicked serious butt

hell yeah thanks


Really good game. :)

heck yeah thank you :)


this is a rlly good game,i like the glitch concept and it was just overall fun to play~

Thank you :)! I am g lad you liked it!


Just saw this game, and tbh it was a pretty fun game. The controls were a little bit awkward (after I got used to using 1-5 to cast spells, pressing Z to jump got a bit awkward), but despite that rather minor problem, that was a great game.


Yeah I definitely think the game could benefit from remapping, maybe after I release Glitch Dungeon Crystal I'll work on an update for key remapping on this old one!


This is a really enjoyable 2D platformer with a glitch of a twist! Took me about 35 to complete. Well worth your time!

Thank you for the review!! I am glad it was well worth :)


Really awesome game!


Interesting concept, I love it

Thank you!


The game sooooo fun! The entire spells really did a great job. Remind me of Top Banana game, but in a good way. Everything fit perfectly, how the spirte camouflage among the tileset, how every spell give it touch to how i can feel throught out the game, and most importantly the level design is so brilliant! Also this game feels so special because the NPC always encourage me even though i spiked a lot, that’s the most wholesome aspect i love from this game. Oh and the ending is very rewarding! I love how the witch hat sprite move physically haha.

Thank you so much for the game! May i know if the game is gonna had a longer version with your own story and sprites maybe? I’d love to buy and play!

Wow, thank you so much for the great feedback! 

I played around with the idea of a 3d sequel for some time, but recently I've started thinking of just making a full version of this 2d concept! I'll post an update if I ever make any ground with that :)

Thank you for your information, will looking forward to it! Hope everything went well :)

I'm going through and asking some people who have suggested a longer version, since I'm interested in pursuing this now that I have a little more free time. What sorts of things would you like to see in a full version of the game?


Ah sorry for the late reply. I would love to see the compact story of why there is ‘Glitch’ and the spell, it would be good if you make your own universe, especially with the encouraging NPC haha. Maybe you need to have some kind of ‘villain’? It don’t always need to be a living being, it can be an apocalypse, a threatening causes, or anything. This game had that kind of potential! Or it could just about journey of the Glitch Girl, i would to see who is she, who is that NPC, why she need to get throught everything, why some glith=ch is your enemy, what kind of force the checkpoint is. It feels like Glitch Dungeon can be ‘technical’ in both story and gameplay, it’s like everything inside the game can have its own lore. For the Gameplay itself is already good! Maybe made another kind of spells? and give more challenge to the puzzle, so it can have more spaces to tell more story.

But if the storytelling is kinda overwhelming, i am still okay if the Glitch Dungeon become more depth in it’s puzzle and game design, i am looking for more complex stages, especially the metroidvania-like game is already a big plus for this game! Maybe just add some purpose and objectives so player keep engaging with the game and stay longer. Oh also don’t forget to have some kind of collectibles, having multiple ending is also good!

It’s just some advice and what kind of game i’d love to see from this game, but at the end i would love to see how any enchanment from you! Also don’t forget to take all of your time! I hope everything goes well :D

This is such a great reply and I think really great motivation to craft this world! I have already done some thinking about the story and the world that I would expand upon, and have been writing it down since your last comments.

I was also planning on at least a couple more spells, and expanding the map and challenge. We'll see how it goes, this would be my first "full length" project, so I am going to try to start slow and with a small scope and just iterate with it and see how it goes. 

Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement :)! It really brings a smile to my face


A very clean, unified experience. I liked the different powers. The glitch aesthetic was well done, but I'm not sure about the use of unrelated Pokemon sprites. Thanks for the game!


Thank you, glad you liked the game! I should go ahead and update the game to remove those Nintendo assets..

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After finally managing to talk to the "but this is the wrong way" NPC, I feel proud of myself. :)
Still, after seeing the preview image of this by hovering on the link of this game on the giant bundle, I can't help but wonder if I missed another secret, or if this was a joke, mmmh...
Good little game in any case!

Oh, yes that was a joke I uploaded for April Fools day. I've re-added it to the downloads section as

It's the exact same game I just changed the player and NPC sprites to Among Us characters...


time: 6.11 min

In the spirit of competition, here's my attempt to do better: 4.6 min.

how do i get second spell

Which second spell??


this game was fantastic from start to finish

Thank you :)!


Got my witch's hat :) very nice work. Love the thematic visuals but also the simple mechanics that make you think about how to interact with things in new ways. Found your game because it was recently mentioned in PCGamer magazine in an article about glitch-games, in case you didn't know!


Glad you liked the game and mechanics!

And really? That's so cool! Do you happen to remember the issue that it's in? I'd love to take a look


Yeah, it's the latest issue labeled March 2021. I took a pic of the page for you:


That's really so cool... thanks for the picture!


Absolutely fantastic work! Remarkably executed, too. Seriously, to purposefully make something look glitched out and still clearly illustrate game mechanics is no easy feat. I also just felt it was fun as heck, and I had a good time the whole way through :)


Thank you so much for the comment! Really kind words! I put a lot of thought into those early glitchy mechanic room presentations, so I really appreciate it!


really fun game, after her saying that i should give up my hope i thought it was gonna turn into a horror in seconds lmao.

haha, yeah I can see that! I definitely made the NPCs dialogue spooky to set the mood. thank you for the comment!

cool game/ idea. im not sure if i beat it or not though, once i get the 'unidentified item'? or was that a bad end?


When you get the unidentified item, that unlocks a new spell that let's you walk through certain walls! Try to go back to the beginning screen and go up to find the true ending!


oh turns out i missed the coolest part, lol.